The Catholic University of America

HERI Faculty Survey

The HERI Faculty Survey is administered every three years by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at The University of California, Los Angeles. Results from the HERI Faculty Survey are particularly useful in discussions about pedagogy, and how it relates to students’ experience on campus. Institutions participating in the HERI Faculty Survey have used the results to provide a faculty perspective on planning and policy analysis, enhance faculty development programming, and improve the student learning experience.                                        -Higher Education Research Institute


This report was created to highlight aspects of the background, expectations, and views of faculty at The Catholic University of America that are not captured by university data systems and, as a consequence, remain unexamined. To provide context, each aspect is compared to survey results of faculty at medium-selective private universities and faculty at all national private universities. 


HERI Faculty Survey: 2010-2011

     Survey results