The Catholic University of America

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment oversees the design, implementation, analysis, and reporting of research that focuses on student learning outcomes.  Additionally, Student Learning Outcomes Assessment facilitates the assessment of student learning outcomes at the school and departmental level by maintaining a normalized framework for the assessment of these outcomes and providing expertise, support, and consultation to the academic units.

School/Department Learning Outcomes

As a result of two closely-related initiatives – major assessment findings reports and annual key assessment findings documents – departments/Schools document on a set schedule (every five years and annually) that they have reviewed specific quantitative and qualitative data and, then, reflected and commented on the assessment findings and implications for their programs.

Course Evaluations

Student complete course evaluations throughout their programs. Students not only rate the course and the instructor, but also evaluate whether the outcomes for the course were obtained.

Assessment Resources and Plans

These resources are sources of information to assist CUA faculty in understanding and applying student learning assessment in their teaching and improvements of programs.





Course Syllabi

Faculty members submit their syllabi to their department chairs/school deans for review and posting on our assessment website at the start of each semester. Syllabi include goals for student learning and the related assessments through course requirements

Student Surveys                  

The Office of Planning, Institutional Research and Student Learning Outcomes Assessment annually conducts a number of surveys to assess the educational experiences and outcomes of students.  These surveys include: The National Survey of Student Engagement, The CIRP Freshman Survey, The Undergraduate and Graduate Alumni Surveys, and the Classroom Survey of Student Engagement.  

HERI Faculty Survey

The HERI Faculty Survey is administered by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at the University of California, Los Angeles. The survey results are useful for the discussions about pedagogy, and how it relates to students' experiences on campus. Thus it provides a faculty perspective planning and policy analysis.